Zorileanu 18

Client : Intermecanord & Cirrus Estate

Date : 2016

Online : http://zorileanu18.ro/

Originally designed as a office building, the existing construction was completed in the 1990s. It was an office building in the middle of a housing tissue and it did not belong to the character of the area. The new owners decided to refurbish, creating an adaptive reuse of the spaces inside, repairing both the exterior and interior elements to provide the right thermal and waterproof standards demanded by the European legislation. The building was split into 11 new apartments, approximately two apartments on each floor divided by the common area and the stair case, from studios to three-room apartments. The area is ideal for housing, as it is a calm and pleasant neighbourhood filled with individual housing. From the esthetics point of view, the building suffered some beneficial changes. From a simplistic white façade with a modernist combination of elements it reached to a contemporary image, with new textures such as wood and stone/ceramics. In the same time, a new balcony was made to offer the building straight clean lines that are easier to control and understand by the human mind. The former shape of the main façade combined straight and organic volumes which did not belong together in the same composition. Zorileanu 18 is now in its final execution state and is expected to be finished in the next few months.