Souda Terminal

Date : 2017

With a particular consideration for the local architecture and its specific details, our proposal consists of a main canopy which serves in many levels and in multidisciplinary manner. First of all, its serves as the dialogue between the history of Chania, specifically its venetian past and the maritime architecture of the time. The so-called Neoria which were ship stations and storage areas for the repair of ships, are our main reference. On the arches of Neoria, a mold is cast that creates the negative pattern of the roofing which results into the canopy. The functions that the building needs to serve are divided into two main components; offices and ferry terminal. Between the two components, a covered and protected area is created which serves as the public space and acts as a protected entrance for the building. The passenger load is subdivided into three main flows; the first flow travelling intra Schengen, checks in and proceeds for boarding; the second flow checks in, goes through passport control and proceeds for boarding and the third flow makes use of the new technology being able to check-in online and proceeds straight to boarding through the canopy without the need of security checks.
In terms of bioclimatic sustainable and environmental design, the canopy is an ideal solution for the climate of Crete since it allows the sunlight to penetrate the building during winter time heating the interior and during summer time blocking the sun and allowing the natural air flows to ventilate the construction.