Day Tower Office

Client : Danube Capital Partners

Date : 2015-2018

Bucharest, used to be known as the little Paris, is nowadays an expanding city, a mixture between communist concrete, classic artwork, eclectic and contemporary architecture. It is no secret that its central core is a concrete oasis, a stamp given by the communist era. Located in this oasis of history, this new and modern office building proposal targets to maintain the city’s high standard offices that have risen in the past years. The project is located next to one of the main streets of the city, which leads to the Palace of Parliament, the heart of the city. The building’s esthetics were a big challenge as it contributes to the center’s image. The building approach uses a frame to connect the architecture found in the surroundings and glass, a reflecting material that gives transparency to the metropolitan atmosphere created by the city. The proposal is more than a typical glass building as it combines glass with stone, from the frame, to get out of the common and dull perception of an office building. Working in a controlled glass box does not create the ideal atmosphere. This project also offers natural ventilated spaces and balconies for employees’ leisure. It has gone through a lot of studies to reach to its final image and now offers 12 000 m2 of rentable area above ground and 4 underground floors with approximately 7000 m2. The ground floor hosts commercial functions for both the area and its people. The entire project keeps the Class A standards in all its elements, from the interior and well-organized partitions to the facades and the high quality materials used.  It was now reached to the construction phase and will completed in the next year.