Caracal Residential

Client : Shandong Ningjiang Construction Group

Date : 2014-2015

The desire is to build a residential complex, multifunctional: residential, commercial, leisure and recreation spaces, spaces for public alimentation, parking. It will be build 23 apartament buildings, 2 buildings for services, a building – overground parking.

Main Functions: The dominant function of the area is habitation in collective dwellings (apartaments).
Secondary Functions: The complementary functions possible to arrange are: Pools with annex spaces, kindergarten supermarket, minimarket, beauty salon, fitness, pharmacy, dentist, 3 family medicine cabinets, 1 restaurant 1 office fees and taxes, 4 offices for administration, green spaces, pedestrian and roads access, parking lots, garages. It will be provided green spaces inside the residence area, on a surface of at least 20% of the land, also playgrounds and parks. The architecture of the new buildings will comply with the overall architectural character of the area, following the defined scale of the existing buildings.