About K-BOX

K-Box Construction Design started its activity at the end of 2011 and rapidly grew to become one of the leading companies of integrated design services and project management in Romania. Within few years of activity our company has managed to complete several high profile projects in Bucharest and the rest of the country, being acknowledged with national and international awards for the commercial and architectural merit of our design, while at the same participated in international competitions. Our experience in design covers different fields of architecture, residential, retail, offices, industrial, mixed use developments and master planning. While the company is specialised in large scale developments, we also have experience in smaller scale projects, thus covering buildings of all types and scales. The company has a strong team of architects and engineers, who achieve best designs when they come together, challenging each other to produce the best outcome. We pair experienced seniors with young talents who work as a close-knit team to design the buildings of tomorrow, redefining the urban tissue of cities.

Our design department 42-strong team is led by 6 senior architects who individually share their experiences and collectively participate in the design process of each project. Our architects are supported by a team of engineers, who ensure the rigidity of our buildings, and specialised collaborators in HVAC, fire safety, road design and all other specialities needed. In addition, the Project Management department of our company ensures the technical and construction expertise during the design and construction phases. Our services are based on the initial architectural concept, which is setting the pathway forward, serving the clients’ wishes and ensures the well-being of the community.. By identifying the wishes of the client, we attempt to fully grasp the potential of the location, implementing a design that follows international and local standards and strategies. The services we provide can be summarised in six stages, these mainly being: inception, schematic design, design development, permits and procurement, construction and close out. Our services include concept drawings, visualisations, planning documentation and technical design, procurement documents and site supervision.

Our Services

The main services that our company provides are complete design services for civil and industrial buildings. Our architects, engineers, interior designers and other experts offer building design services with respect to the accepted professional exigencies, governing standards, and legislation such as building codes, and other regulations. As a result of the high technical standards which we provide to our customers we became certified in the SR EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System for owning and maintaining a quality management system regarding activities of design and consultancy in the fields of architecture, engineering and MEP, as well as certification in the SR EN ISO 14001:2005 Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2004). In our current practice we wish to identify with the image of an elite designer and mirror, through our services, the demands and vision of our client, implemented at the highest quality standards.


Our technical design department provides complete services, comprising an extensive collective of architects and design engineers, experts and collaborators, with a solid and vast experience in the field, for projects developed in Romania as well as in an international environment. Until this day, due to our professionalism, our dynamic team and our performing management we have successfully collaborated with private and public clients alike, and are proud to totalise, in our present portfolio, more than 6,500,000 square meters of designed buildings, from various architectural programs – including more than 8500 residential units. Starting from 2013, our company has successfully implemented BIM software in the design of large scale projects. Several architectural programs that we have developed are: residential – single and collective housing ensembles, office buildings, buildings for commerce and services, mixed use buildings, logistical centres, showrooms, industrial projects, agricultural and zoo-technical projects, restoration, interior design and tenant fit-out projects, in all design phases: concept, feasibility studies, building permits, technical projects, building details, technical support, as built, urban planning, technical consultancy offered to the clients in all aspects regarding real estate investment and acquisition as early as pre-design stages.

Construction Management

The Consultancy and Management Department specialises in activities of technical consultancy, management and investment supervision for projects of civil engineering and infrastructure, and aims to support investors and developers from both private and public sectors by offering integrated services comprising the entire field of technical assistance for construction. Thus the company supplies Project and Construction Management for mega-infrastructure and superstructure projects through its experienced and specialised personnel, which includes engineers, designers, and inspectors in the many fields of construction. Expert assistance is also given in project planning, time planning and contract management, quality control and insurance, costs, safety and security in construction works, bidding documents and other. The department includes engineers and other professionals who have a vast consultancy experience in the field of large-scale project development, working with state-of-the-art equipment as well as a dedicated extensive technical library which is always kept up to date.