Satu Mare Shopping City

Client : Satu Mare Shopping City

Date : 2018

Satu Mare is a city in north western Romania, close to the border with Hungary and the Ukraine, with an estimated population of 102 411 inhabitants (in 2011). In the centre of the city, across from the historical area, next to the River Somes and the concentrated Communist block neighbourhoods, there was a large dilapidated plot of 57 870 sqm. The plot has been bought by NEPI/Rockcastle, with the intention of developing a shopping mall. Thus the building of the commercial centre started in February 2018, with a built area of 30 785 sqm and a developed area of 37 874 sqm. The shopping mall comprises 87 stores (plus a hypermarket and a cinema which is to be furnished in a future phase), totalling a gross leasable area of about 30 000 sqm, developed over two floors.
The main function of the building is commerce, while the secondary is offices for the central management of the shopping centre. The interior is furnished with shops, banks and ATMs, pharmacies, a hypermarket, fast food restaurants, restaurants, coffee shops, a playground for children, a casino, and in the near future it will also host a cinema with 5 halls.
The shopping mall is equipped with 1108 parking spaces, of which 45 are reserved for disabled persons at the level of the ground entrances, in their immediate proximity. With concern to the environment, the green, planted areas are of a surface larger than that required by the local standards, totalling almost 4 000 sqm.
The mall was opened on Wednesday, the 5th of December 2018, being visited by about 38 000 people (37% of the population of the city) on its inauguration day. A number of about 900 job positions have been created on the occasion of this development, contributing to the growth of the city.