Center West Office

Client : Skanska Property Romania

Date : 2015

Strategically located in the city, directly connected with both surrounding and central areas, benefitting of the high-frequency public transportation service, the plot offers all initial premises for a successful development and an urban architectural landmark. Situated in a dense area of mainly young people, the Office Complex will have a definite market presence, hosting several facilities and amenities, all visible from the street level and accessed through an impressive urban-garden, a large plaza oriented towards the Iuliu Maniu/Vasile Milea Streets and intersection.
One of the main goals of our proposal was to ensure the visual transparency from the intersection and from the main static and dynamic perspective points, and to facilitate the visibility of all the buildings from the street level. Other than the aesthetic criteria and the design coherence, this is also an important factor from the lease/commercial point of view, by reducing the initial discrepancies between the front street buildings and the ones in the back.
The plaza is inviting, orienting the view, and providing a healthy and pleasant environment for the tenants; the “central green core” approach offers a superior proposal, compared with the competing business developments in the area. Varying pedestrian covered and uncovered paths, decks, different pavements,relaxation areas, plazas, layered green spaces,stairs and benches contribute to the aesthetic qualities as much as to the green environmental criteria considered for the required Leed Gold certification.
The exterior landscape design is based on the general premise of a “place-making” concept. As the entire approach and the masterplan is governed by the idea of creating an unitary complex – “university compus” principle – with a central common green courtyard, towards which all the buildings, facilities and amenities are oriented.
The entire exterior landscape is organized as an CENTER WEST OFFICE BUILDING unitary central urban plaza, addressing both to the building complex, as to the street level, benefiting of the excellent position and visibility from important perspective angles. By creating a large urbanized park opened towards the street, connected to all the main accesses in both in both office and commercial areas, the proposed masterplan defines a strong identity to the Center West Business Complex, as a city-scale landmark.