FDG Masterplan

Client : Belvedere Developments

Date : 2015

Fabrica de Glucoza Development Plan is an urban planning study and proposal created to define the value and to understand the potential of the neighbourhod. The terrain has about 280 000 m2 and the project is designed to offer the city a new and modern area with all the necessary components to meet international standards. The concept of this project is based on an imaginary gradual declining slope that guides the heights of the buildings in the study. The lake is the important natural element that generates the slope as it is the point to where it falls. The buildings around the lake are individual houses with small heights and as we go to Fabrica de Glucoza Street the heights and density of the houses increase creating the metaphor of a mountain. The compound also contains a club, a church, a hotel, an apart-hotel and office buildings that mark the biggest intersection in the area.