Berthelot Restauration

Date : 2015

Perhaps the most difficult problem raised by the theme of restoration is the attitude needed to adopt towards a historical monument in ruin. The current building on Str. General Berthelot has been built in two phases in an academicist style, the first phase of the building dating around 1880 to 1898, while the intervention of 1913 is done by the architect Korfczinsky. The architectural value of this monument is only found in the facades, the rest of the building being in poor conditions.  The restoration of this house aims to adapt the building to the new demands of everyday experience of users in order to provide more comfort and functionality, while respecting the initial image of the building volume. The entire base structure of the building, outer walls, covering and most vertical communications were maintained. The project changed the organization of the interior space and created a greater relationship with the surrounding space.